This March, contact us for a free consultation

Now, more than ever, as the world reopens in a new reality, businesses, nonprofits, and trade organizations need exciting and creative ways to stay connected with their customers and constituents- whether it is one on one or through the media. 

  • Do you need ways to incentivize and motivate your stakeholders and supporters? 
  • How do you make a fresh new case for funding from governmental agencies or appeal to private donors to give?
  • How can you shape your future in the post-pandemic world? What does the world look like for you on the other side of this crisis? 
  • And, with whom can you partner now to strengthen your cause and message?

At Yepsen & Pikulski, we are doing our part to help the community, the business world and our essential NPOs get through 2022 and beyond stronger than ever.

Whether you are a small business, a regional or statewide organization, or a charity, public affairs specialists Yepsen & Pikulski will provide a brainstorming session at no charge to help you formulate a plan, set your priorities and put you in control during the pandemic and the economic fallout. Please contact them to set up a Hang Out consultation (under the “contact” tab above) or by emailing