Issues Management

Issues Management

The show must go on!

Conflict is bound to arise in any organization, whether it be internal, external, or both. Without a proper plan in place, you could be jeopardizing much more than reputation or revenue.

As any adequate conflict management should be, we employ a two-pronged approach: preemptive and reactive. Regarding our preemptive approach, we conduct rigorous environmental scanning to identify and dodge potential crises coming your way. Additionally, we help develop plans before conflict arises so that we are responsive and well-prepared when it does strike. Our reactive approach, on the other hand, involves the execution of this plan as well as the handling of any unexpected factors. It includes dealing with the press, risk management and, if necessary, image restoration.

Effective conflict management demands preparing as though crises are inevitable, but working to make sure they never come. We understand this reality and will use it to ensure your longevity.

CASE STUDY: Southbound Saratoga, LLC.

The Saratoga Classic Horse Show to benefit Skidmore College started at the NYRA’s Saratoga Racecourse but when the college’s lease with the NYRA expired, a donor gifted a beautiful piece of property to the college and the show was reborn. Beginning in 2019, the Saratoga Classic came under the management of a company called Southbound Saratoga (, but still to benefit Skidmore College.  Unfortunately, in 2020, the COVID pandemic halted all operations, putting the show and its operators at risk of financial disaster. By working with Yepsen and Pikulski, Southbound Saratoga was completely reimagined and able to operate throughout 2020 when other shows were not. Yepsen and Pikulski, not only used their strategic planning skills, but were in close contact with government officials on the local and state level to form a safety plan to execute it flawlessly. Yepsen and Pikulski followed daily state changes and briefings in order to advise their clients how they needed to operate and what other safety precautions were required. Because Southbound Saratoga followed all advice based on the knowledge and contacts Yepsen and Pikulski shared,  the safety of patrons was put in the forefront, COVID restrictions were strictly adhered to, and every person entering the grounds had their temperature taken. Yepsen and Pikulski also assisted with skepticism and effectively through media during such an unsure time, the firm demonstrated that with strict adherence to COVID precautions the socially-distanced individual horse competitions could be successfully carried out— bringing much needed economic development to local communities. Real results prove that Southbound Show Management’s horse shows are getting more popular and well-known on the equine competitive circuit, experiencing more success every year.   By meeting challenges many thought were impossible to overcome, with the help of Yepsen and Pikulski,  they are now looking to expand their business ecosystem to attract even more agri-tourism visitors.