Founded in the beautiful Saratoga Springs, New York, and Port St. Lucie, Florida, Yepsen & Pikulski has become a resource for local and global assistance in governmental relations, communications, and business development. Since the firm’s creation in 2019, Yepsen & Pikulski has accomplished results to create stronger businesses, organizations, and a more progressive humane world. 

We build our relationships with clients, sponsors, and supporters based on a personal tailored approach, mutual respect and trust. We will leverage our network and our experience to help our clients reach new heights because focusing on clients’ needs and goals is our top priority. You can be confident that you have our fullest attention, commitment to quality, and required hours needed to fully advance your campaign.

Six Strengths and Core Values of Yepsen & Pikulski, LLC.

  1. Communicating with the Public. We will work to formulate a communications plan based on your specific audience for a successful outcome.
  2. We are a personable operation with a major impact. We operate like you are the only client, a small firm of 2 leaders, designing effective plans and strategies to achieve real results. 
  3. We work with clients who are building a better world. Each client has a humanity aspect that is unique and needs to be treated as such.
  4. Our connections in the political sphere and the horseracing industry run deep– saving you the client time, money, and energy otherwise spent on other aspects of their business.
  5. We won’t quit until we accomplish what you hired us to do. .  It’s a competitive world. We will work persistently until your business or organization is in a stronger position. We are very resourceful and imaginative, doing whatever it takes to meet the campaign challenges of your organization.
  6. The unique backgrounds of Yepsen & Pikulski will serve you well. We are a dynamic duo with unique backgrounds and qualifications to tackle a variety of problems and create solutions. 

As a small boutique Public Affairs firm, each client will feel understood and respected. Yepsen and Pikulski pride itself on fulfilling every client’s needs, bringing in collaborative professional partners and college interns as needed to serve multiple industry sectors with a full array of client services. In addition, we are proud that Yepsen & Pikulski joins other women leaders in breaking barriers as a women-led, women-owned firm.

Currently companies and NPOs are facing obstacles that require crisis planning in a high-stakes, pandemic world and challenging economy. We offer comprehensive strategic planning using multiple tools from our public affairs toolbox and our over 60 combined years of professional experience and network to meet your complex challenges and provide solutions. To ensure your business is averting a crisis, our team helps client’s craft and implement integrated strategies that connect them with top decision-makers, shape public opinion and transform public policy.

Yepsen & Pikulski offers: Issues Management, Government Relations, Communications, Media Strategy, Business Development, Mission-Based Marketing, Public Relations, and Fundraising Services