Media Strategy

Media Strategy

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Do you feel like its become harder to reach your target audience despite new media technology? If so, then you are not alone. Today’s media has become so diverse and crowded that it is hard to create a cohesive campaign that stands out.

Our media strategy services are all-encompassing. We will work with you to secure coverage from traditional outlets as well as help establish a strong cross-platform presence on social networks. Furthermore, we can work together to refine messaging so that it provokes greater engagement and visibility.

Additionally, we understand the utility of strategic touchpoint placement and how to turn that into higher conversion rates.

Beware of precariously sending messages into the vast ocean that is today’s media environment. Businesses and organizations must now employ a reliable, well-thought-out strategy, and we can provide that edge.

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Tagline: Setting Goals and Giving Back

During the spike and the prolonged suffering of the COVID 19 pandemic, communities, nonprofit organizations and schools were struggling to obtain much-needed items to serve their constituents. Devvan Stokes, the founder and CEO of, a web-based service that makes it easy to match up needs of nonprofits with donors, could not gain the traction he needed to get Gyvlink operating at this time of great need. He turned to Yepsen and Pikulski for business development, marketing and media support. Yepsen and Pikulski successfully used a set of strategic PR campaign to establish pilot programs to connect corporate donors directly to the communities in need. For instance, the Boys and Girls club of the Capital Area (BGCCA) that worked with GyvLink and Yepsen and Pikulski brought learning kits for pre-K students, ensuring that they could continue their learning and flourish during the pandemic. It was a win-win-win, for the donor, for Gyvlink and for the children BGCCA serves.  

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