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Fundraising is the life-blood of any startup, small business, or nonprofit. While the objective of securing financial support is clear, the means to achieving it is much more difficult.

Finding success in fundraising cannot be achieved with a single-faceted solution. Among many elements, you will need to set measurable goals, create and sell a passionate story, and manage a critical plan to locate, cultivate, and steward prospects and donors. We are fully prepared to train you and your staff in all of these strategic, communicative and planning necessities.

Don’t settle for the status quo in what seems like hard times to raise money. With planning, execution, story-telling, and attention to detail, you can do much better in 2021.


ACTT Naturally is an organization that employs equine therapy in leadership programs, summer camps, events, and clinics. In 2019- 2020,  their efforts were put on hold and they reached out to Yepsen and Pikulski. Yepsen and Pikulski were responsible for spearheading a fundraising campaign, asking for donations for a new trailer and building awareness regarding the benefits of their equine therapeutic programs. Due to Yepsen and Pikulski, ACTT Naturally raised $25,000 even during the economic stresses of the COVID 19 pandemic, allowing them to get back on the road to aid dozens more women, veterans and children.  They are now working in concert with Aim Services, Inc. to offer equine therapy and horsemanship skills to members of the disabled community.  Yepsen and Pikulski network allows their clients to interact with one another for mutual benefit. 

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