Government Relations

Government Relations

Ready to make change? We are too.

Governmental bureaucracy can be a headache and take up copious amounts of time and effort better spent on developing your business or organization. Working with public officials and programs, however, does have the propensity to support your success.

Having several decades of experience in the realms of government and law, we possess many connections and deep knowledge that will be valuable to you. For example, we can help you access available government resources. Additionally, we can identify the proper channels for your initiatives and guide you through the regulatory and legislative process.

As a former mayor and lawyer, we know how these institutions operate. With us, you can transform the government from a bureaucratic headache to an excellent partner.

CASE STUDY: Cruelty Free International

Yepsen and Pikulski, LLC is known best for working with clients that take action for positive change. One such client is Cruelty Free International, an international nonprofit based in London whose mission is to end animal experiments and testing in cosmetics worldwide one state and country at a time. Yepsen and Pikulski have been hired to ensure the New York Cruelty Free Act is passed into a New York State law making it illegal to sell new cosmetics tested on animals. Yepsen and Pikulski not only support the message of Cruelty Free International, but are directly advocating and educating lawmakers and their staff as well as marketing an important message to their constituents for change through an advertising, public relations, and social media campaign. 

To learn more about the initiative and how you could become involved, visit