Case Studies

Case Studies


Issues Management, Government Relations, Communications | Southbound

The Saratoga Classic Horse Show to benefit Skidmore College started at the NYRA’s Saratoga Racecourse but when the college’s lease with the NYRA expired, a donor gifted a beautiful piece of property to the college and the show was reborn. Beginning in 2019, the Saratoga Classic came under the management of a company called Southbound Saratoga (, but still to benefit Skidmore College.  Unfortunately, in 2020, the COVID pandemic halted all operations, putting the show and its operators at risk of financial disaster. By working with Yepsen and Pikulski, Southbound Saratoga was completely reimagined and able to operate throughout 2020 when other shows were not. Yepsen and Pikulski, not only used their strategic planning skills but were in close contact with government officials on the local and state level to form a safety plan to execute it flawlessly. Yepsen and Pikulski followed daily state changes and briefings in order to advise their clients how they needed to operate and what other safety precautions were required. Because Southbound Saratoga followed all advice based on the knowledge and contacts Yepsen and Pikulski shared, the safety of patrons was put in the forefront, COVID restrictions were strictly adhered to, and every person entering the grounds had their temperature taken. Yepsen and Pikulski also assisted with skepticism and effectively through media during such an unsure time, the firm demonstrated that with strict adherence to COVID precautions the socially-distanced individual horse competitions could be successfully carried out— bringing much needed economic development to local communities. Real results prove that Southbound Show Management’s horse shows are getting more popular and well-known on the equine competitive circuit, experiencing more success every year. By meeting challenges many thought were impossible to overcome with the help of Yepsen and Pikulski, they are now looking to expand their business ecosystem to attract even more agri-tourism visitors.


Media Strategy, Business Development | 

During the spike and the prolonged suffering of the COVID 19 pandemic, communities, nonprofit organizations and schools were struggling to obtain much-needed items to serve their constituents. Devvan Stokes, the founder and CEO of, a web-based service that makes it easy to match up needs of nonprofits with donors, could not gain the traction he needed to get Gyvlink operating at this time of great need. He turned to Yepsen and Pikulski for business development, marketing and media support. Yepsen and Pikulski successfully used a set of strategic PR campaign to establish pilot programs to connect corporate donors directly to the communities in need. For instance, the Boys and Girls club of the Capital Area (BGCCA) that worked with GyvLink and Yepsen and Pikulski brought learning kits for pre-K students, ensuring that they could continue their learning and flourish during the pandemic. It was a win-win-win, for the donor, for Gyvlink and for the children BGCCA serves.

To read more about GyvLink’s collaboration with the Boys and Girls Club of the Capital Area, visit


Mission-Based Marketing/ Fundraising | AIM Services

Yepsen and Pikulski instantly supported the goals of AIM Services, Inc, but also knew they couldn’t continue to be “the best kept secret” and went to work immediately to raise their profile, establish more effective fundraising techniques and schedule, and introduce the organization to new potential donors. Also, creating a message campaign through traditional media and social media was critical to AIM’s success. Yepsen and Pikulski use their resourcefulness and contacts to take advantage of all the tools in their tool box and national and statewide opportunities to further their clients’ goals. For AIM, they worked in celebration of the 30 year anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act in 2020 and marketed AIM Services’ unique approach to service — for believing each person’s life, ideas, skills, talents, and abilities matter, and should be celebrated and encouraged. A safe, socially-distanced presentation with wide media coverage was held outdoors of the historic Adelphi Hotel, with many guest speakers. The governor, mayor, and state representatives presented proclamations to AIM Services in honor of the 30th Anniversary of the ADA, making the event a huge success amidst the pandemic’s obstacles. At the same time, Yepsen and Pikuslki successfully reimagined AIM’s annual largest fundraiser so as not to miss a beat with much needed annual funds. Inspired by their annual Croquet on The Green, local businesses got involved, customers and tourists could collect “wickets” from local businesses in hopes of winning a huge drawing with amazing prizes and the 2020 Croquet Off The Green was born. The Chamber of Commerce supported the fundraiser, which not only brought people to local businesses during the pandemic, but supported an amazing cause.  Yepsen and Pikuslki developed a plan, even during the height of COVID for AIM to become the regional face of a national celebration, continue their annual tradition and reimagined its Croquet fundraiser, and spread awareness for their purpose all while securing and building relationships with state and local elected representatives and wide media coverage. Now, AIM Services, Inc. is no longer the best-kept secret.

To watch highlights from the ADA 30th Anniversary Celebration, visit AIM Service’s Facebook page at 

To watch more about Croquet Off the Green, visit AIM Service’s Facebook page at  


Government Relations/Public Relations| Cruelty Free International

Yepsen and Pikulski, LLC is known best for working with clients that take action for positive change. One such client is Cruelty Free International, an international nonprofit based in London whose mission is to end animal experiments and testing in cosmetics worldwide one state and country at a time. Yepsen and Pikulski have been hired to ensure the New York Cruelty Free Act is passed into a New York State law making it illegal to sell new cosmetics tested on animals. Yepsen and Pikulski not only support the message of Cruelty Free International, but are directly advocating and educating lawmakers and their staff as well as marketing an important message to their constituents for change through an advertising, public relations, and social media campaign.

To learn more about the initiative and how you could become involved, visit 


Government Relations/Community Engagement | Equine Therapy at St. Croix

US Virgin Islands Governor Albert Bryan Jr. and Bureau of Corrections Director Testamark have contracted with Yepsen and Pikulski and a new nonprofit they helped form, the Virgin Islands Equestrian Equine Therapy Project, INC., to provide Equine therapy to inmates at the Golden Grove Correctional Facility on St. Croix. When travel was difficult due to health concerns, Yepsen and Pikulski have worked successfully long-distance with government officials, local media, people of their community and corporate partners to move the entire process and program forward. Yepsen and Pikulski even organized a groundbreaking for the project at the Corrections Facility site with the Governor and other leaders which was live streamed and promoted through social media! Teaching equine management and care will gain the inmates/students a certificate to help with future employment possibilities, support the local economy and offer extremely important proven equine therapeutic benefits to all who participate.

Fundraising Services | ACTT Naturally

ACTT Naturally is an organization that employs equine therapy in leadership programs, summer camps, events, and clinics. In 2019- 2020, their efforts were put on hold and they reached out to Yepsen and Pikulski. Yepsen and Pikulski were responsible for spearheading a fundraising campaign, asking for donations for a new trailer and building awareness regarding the benefits of their equine therapeutic programs. Due to Yepsen and Pikulski, ACTT Naturally raised $25,000 even during the economic stresses of the COVID 19 pandemic, allowing them to get back on the road to aid dozens more women, veterans and children. They are now working in concert with Aim Services, Inc. to offer equine therapy and horsemanship skills to members of the disabled community. Yepsen and Pikulski network allows their clients to interact with one another for mutual benefit.

To learn more about ACTT Naturally and what they do, visit 

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