Yepsen and Pikulski partner to advance humane causes and impact investing


Saratoga Springs, NY. Joanne Dittes Yepsen, the former mayor of Saratoga Springs, New York; and Diana Pikulski, former executive director of the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation, have partnered to launch Yepsen & Pikulski, LLC, a new endeavor assisting organizations, individuals, and businesses advance humane agendas and complex policy issues on a federal, state, and local level.  The new company will apply mission-based marketing, legislative and educational solutions, strategic impact investing, and public affairs campaigns to accomplish results.  Their mission, to create strategic partnerships for a more humane America, will be achieved through collaborations with government, business, and individuals. 

The first two major issues on which the company will focus are implementation of the New York State Law requiring New York Public Schools to teach humane education as part of its regular curriculum and banning the slaughter of horses and transportation of horses for slaughter in the U.S.  Other potential areas of focus for the Yepsen & Pikulski team will be support of people of diverse abilities in New York State, and advocating for national equal rights.

Together Yepsen and Pikulski bring a combined 70+ years in elected public service, executive strategic planning and fundraising for national
charitable causes, as well as local, state and federal governmental relations experience. Yepsen served 12 consecutive years in elected public office
including two-terms as Mayor of Saratoga Springs, home of the historic Saratoga Race Course and an international resort destination, and served as Senior VP in an international public affairs firm.  Pikulski is a former trial attorney and past director and executive of the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation. Both have proven track records in collaborating with multiple parties to create successful programs to advance the needs of people and animals.

 “With our combined experience and successes, there is no limit to the impact we can have,” said Pikulski. “I am looking forward to putting my experience towards changing our world for the better.”

 “As a former mayor, I know that government is not the only entity to care about helping those in need– businesses and individuals care deeply about helping society and people in their communities and beyond, “ said Yepsen. “Our campaigns will make this a win-win for constituents, corporate clients and government alike. We are excited to continue this strategic partnering on a wider scope to create significant change.”

“Consumers and corporations are becoming much more socially conscious about how they spend their money,” said Pikulski. “We can help drive growth through investment in positive social and environmental change.”